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Revised State Budget with new parameters
· Deficit cultivated around 1% of GDP drai
· Peguranagn subsidies in the energy sector (chiefly oil), but still gave poor protection
Transparency of fiscal policy
· Reforestation Fund entered preformance Budget
Private projects
· Rescheduling 12 infrastructure projects
· State Fund for IPTN terminated, foreign-funded projects and banking N_2130
· Revocation of special treatment and a credit facility for the project mobnas
Assertions Monetary Policy
· BI given full autonomy in
ui texasworkforce setting monetary policy and interest rates
· The government gave full support to the private banks and governments to merger
- Restructuring the banking sector and the private sector
- Restructuring structural

How does the current economic conditions RI?
The recession can be seen from the characteristic:
- Exports faltered, capital flight, JCI dropped dramatically, the rupiah dropped precipitously
Impact: all brakes on the purchase, declining demand, production is reduced, dismissed menigkat, purchasing power goes down, the demand decreases, turnover decreased, the investment is reduced again and so on.
Recession cycle management by the government: the policy of "anti-cyclical".
But must analyze the problem first because the typology of the crisis which is a type of the upper turning point sanagt vary. Type the highest turning point or crisis entered recession coloring. Its introduction is very important to know, if we do have instruments to stem the flow that we do not want, o